How to Order


Send your name, address, item you have selected (and ring size if necessary) 

along with a check for the full amount plus $10* for postage and handling to:



Radiant Heart


7415 Keen Way N.

Seattle, WA. 98103


(206) 524-7455

(206) 601-0913 cell 

To use the Gold Factor number to calculate the current price of a 14K item

multiply the current price of gold (found online or in many newspapers) times the Gold Factor number times .0585.

For instance:  $1600 x 3.5 x .0585 =  $327.60 

For orders outside the U.S., payment should be in U.S. funds.

Gold or platinum already owned may be used to reduce the price.  Contact us for details.

Complete design service is provided free of charge.  New designs and special requests are welcome.

Radiant Heart, a company founded by Randel Williams in the early 

1970's is a jewelry manufacturer dedicated to Meher Baba.


              *For items under $50 Mailing charge is $5.00